Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting

It is normal for small children to pass urine in bed during sleep. However in some children this tendency persists even after the age of 5 years. If it occurs at least twice a week for 3 months, then it is considered to be a disease and is called bedwetting or enuresis. Bedwetting is the most frequently seen paediatric problem and is called shayyamutrata in Ayurveda.


Various causative factors responsible for bedwetting include small capacity of urinary bladder, weak bladder muscles, neurological problems, intestinal worms, psychological factors (like fear, anger etc) and maturation delay. Habit of drinking excessive water and genetic factors too are sometimes responsible for bedwetting.


  • Passing urine during day or night sleep

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    Ayurvedic View

    Shayyamutrata is considered to be a vata disorder in Ayurveda as elimination of urine happens to be the function of vata. Ayurveda offers effective treatments for this problem that affects hundreds of children across the world.

    Diet & Lifestyle Advice

    • Certain disciplinary measures are recommended for children suffering from bedwetting:
    • Intake of water after 8 pm should be avioded as far as possible.
    • Child should not be allowed to drink excess fluids.
    • Bladder should be emptied before going to bed.
    • Food that can encourage growth of worms should be avoided, e.g. chcolates, biscuits, cakes, pestries, bread, ice creams etc.
    • Attention should be paid to child’s psychology and child should never be scolded, insulted or punished for bedwetting as such things can worsen the problem instead of curing it.

    Home Remedies

    • Give your child a piece of jaggery (20 gm) early in the morning. After an hour let him/her have ½ teaspoon of celery seeds (ajwain) with a pinch of rock salt (sendha namak). Repeat this once a week for 4 weeks. This helps in deworming your child and if he/she is bedwetting due to worm infestation, this should relieve the problem.
    • Give your child one teaspoon of black sesame seeds twice daily.
    • Make a combination of amla powder and ashwaganda powder in equal amount. Give one teaspoon of this powdered mix once daily to your child.