Senile Deafness

Senile Deafness

Deafness, which appears after the age of 65 to 70 or later is called senile deafness. It gradually increases with age and can lead to complete deafness. Deafness is called karnabadhirya in Ayurveda.


Old age happens to be the chief cause of senile deafness. But not all aged people suffer from senile deafness. People getting exposed to loud noise during earlier years of life or due to their occupations are more prone to suffer from senile deafness. Degenerative changes in the nervous system may increase the possibility of deafness.


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    Ayurvedic View

    In senile deafness vata dosha blocks the channel that carries sound from the ear to the brain. In some cases vitiated kapha blocks the pathway of vata because of which vata fails to conduct the sound waves. The hearing capacity of the person goes on reducing gradually and may be lost completely.

    There are certain problems that arise with advancing age including degeneration of the sense organs. The branch of Ayurveda known as Rasayana aims to promote longevity and quality of life through detoxification of the system and regeneration of new cells and tissues. Vigor, brainpower, energy, youth and zeal of a person can be significantly increased and even restored through these rasayanic therapies.

    Diet & Lifestyle Advice

    • Applying certain Ayurvedic oils in lukewarm state (sesame, mustard and almond oils) in ears regularly throughout the life reduces possibility of senile deafness.
    • Yogic procedures such as Bhramari pranayam helps in keeping all the sense organs in healthy state even in old age.
    • Avoid food that increases vata (e.g. legumes, jowar, bajra etc).
    • Taking items that reduces vata (e.g. almonds, walnuts, etc.) can protect one from problems such as senile deafness.
    • Protecting ears from infections and avoiding respiratory infections keeps the ears healthy.
    • Avoid exposure to loud noises and staying in a noisy environment. Take proper precautions if your work environment is noisy.
    • Go for yearly Panchakarma therapy such as karnapoorna. This will keep your tissues and organs in shape for years to come.
    • Regularly take rejuvenating tonics such as Chyawanprasha to maintain your immunity and strength.