Music Therapies

Music influences human behavior by affecting the brain and subsequently other bodily structures in ways that are observable, identifiable, measurable, and predictable, thereby providing the necessary foundation for therapeutic applications.

Music Therapy is useful because music triggers whole brain processes and functioning which directly affect one’s cognitive, emotional, and physical functions and abilities. With the newest understandings of Neuroplasticity models music therapy has become a core strategy used in leading rehabilitation, education and wellness programs.

From the social and cultural perspective music permeates our society and culture making it familiar and easily accessible for our clients. Thus, a professional music therapist can select and apply appropriate music for effective treatment of our clients that reflects their culture and personal identity. This makes treatment a more personal and individualized experience. This approach reflects a person’s preferences which is more normalizing and effective then a traditionally more sterile or generic procedure. This also contributes to making music therapy based treatment often faster and more effective than treatment without music. Additionally, our clients report the treatment is simply more enjoyable. Healing the spirit as well as the body during treatment is old wisdom