Loss of foetus before 20th week of pregnacy is called miscarriage. Some women suffer from frequent miscarriages and therefore need to take precautions to prevent their recurrence. Holding the foetus in womb and delivering it at proper time is function of apan vayu. Dysfunction of apan vayu can lead to miscarriage.


Numerous physical and mental factors can lead to miscarriage. Some of them are: Malnutrition in mother Infections in mother’s body, Uterine abnormalities like retroverted uterus, incompetant os, Hormonal imbalance like low level of progesteron, Exposure to hazardous toxins or radiations, Thyoid problems, Mental traumas and stresses, Heat increasing medicines, Smoking, alcoholism and drugs, Presence of congenital anomalies in foetus, Severe diabetes, kidney problems in mother etc.


  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Vaginal bleeding that is generally heavy
  • Abdominal pains with cramps
  • Weakness

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    Ayurvedic View

    According to Ayurveda, miscarriage may occur if the sperm and ovum were deficient in nutrients at the time of conception. Poor digestion causes impaired production of body tissues, including the reproductive fluids, due to the accumulation of toxins at the cellular level. This may result in the creation of weak sperm or ovum. Poor digestion will also affect the growth of the child in the womb, as the tissues do not receive the necessary nourishment. This under-nourishment may also lead to miscarriage.

    Ayurvedic herbal treatment aims to restore digestive processes both in the gastro-intestinal tract and at a cellular level. Toning and strengthening herbs are also administered to nourish the reproductive system and calm the mind.

    Diet & Lifestyle Advice

    • Proper preparation for pregancy by both partners can reduce possibility of miscarriage.
    • Undergoing panchkarma treaments before conception is useful.
    • Mother should clean her uterus by taking ayurvedic uttar bast (uterine enema) before conception to minimize risk of miscarriage.
    • During pregnancy spicy, stale foods, mental stresses, hectic travelling and improper physical activities should be strictly avoided.
    • Food should be mild, unctuouse and nutritious.
    • Woman should be protected from pollutants, poisons, exertion and mental traumas.
    • Hearing tranqilizinf music, doing meditation help a lot.

    Home Remedies

    • Go for Panchakarma treatment before conception. Proper preparation before going for pregnancy can reduce the possibility of miscarriage.
    • A mother to be should clean her uterus by taking Ayurvedic uttar basti (uterine enema) before conception to minimize risk of miscarriage.
    • Avoid spicy and stale food, mental stress, hectic traveling and improper physical activities during pregnancy.
    • Consume mild, unctuous and nutritious foods to prevent miscarriage during pregnancy.
    • A pregnant woman should be protected from pollutants, poisons, exertion and mental trauma.
    • Listening to tranquilizing music and doing meditation is beneficial during pregnancy.